The lessons of the assassinated Rav Meir Kahane- more valid 23-years after his assassination by al-Qaeda in NY

Rabbi Meir Kahane was a vigilant defender of the safety of the Jewish people. But he was also a great religious scholar, writer, and leader many consider the author of "Why Be Jewish" and several other books a tzaddik and prophet.
This National Geographic documentary illustrates the connection between the murderers of Rav Kahane, the first Al Qaeda terror act on American soil, and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing - which it is alleged could have been averted had the FBI & NYPD been able to better investigate the radical materials of El Sayid Nosair, who assassinated Rav Kahane and as Debbie Schlussel writes:
Nosair’s trial was a travesty of epic proportions. The moronic O.J. Simpson-style jury acquitted Nosair (defended by Marxist Jewish self-hater William Kunstler) of murder charges, even though it was clear that he planned the murder of Rabbi Kahane and meticulously carried it out in front of a room full of witnesses. Thankfully, the courageous judge overseeing the case, Judge Alvin Schlesinger, said the jury’s acquittal “was against the overwhelming weight of evidence and was devoid of common sense and logic,” and he sentenced Nosair to the maximum number of years possible, under the charges for which he was convicted–seven to 22 years. Sadly, Nosair may soon get out, as he was sentenced in 1992. Even if he does the maximum 22, that means he’ll be out by 2014.

Rabbi Kahane had intended to bring his message to Los Angeles' Beth Jacob Synagogue after his Marriott appearance.  If the congregational rabbi would not honor some congregants request for him to speak inside the sanctuary, Rabbi Kahane declared that he would speak outside on the street. 

Rabbi Moshe Parry appeared this year outside Beth Jacob to honor Rabbi Kahane's ideology- published below.

"Just Who Stole Eretz Yisrael?" - "G-d is Creator of the Universe and Owner and Master of the earth and all that it contains: "The earth is the L-rd's, and the fullness thereof" (Ps. 24:1). He gave Eretz Yisrael to the Jewish People as their land, to enable them to fulfill their mission of building a state and society in accordance with the laws and foundations of the Holy Torah: "He gave them the lands of nations; they inherited people's toils, that they might keep His statutes and observe His laws" (Ps. 105:44-45). As far as Eretz Yisrael, no apologies or justifications are necessary. The Jewish People came to the land where the seven nations dwelled and took it from them by decree of the Owner, G-d. G-d uprooted the nations who dwelled there and brought in His chosen people, Israel, because the land is His and does not belong to those who lived there as occupants.

As R. Yehoshua of Sachnin said in the name of R. Levi (Bereshit Rabbah, 1:2): "He declared to His people the power of His works, in giving them the lands of the nations" (Ps. 111:6): Why did G-d reveal to Israel what was created on the first and second days of Creation? [I.e., why did the Torah relate the entire Creation narrative when it should have concentrated on Torah law?] It was because of the nations of the world, lest they curse Israel and say, "What a nation of pillagers you are!" Israel can respond, "Are you yourselves not pillagers? Surely it says, 'The Kaftorim came from Kaftor and annihilated the Avvim, occupying their territories' (Deut. 2:23)." I.e., you and all the nations who claim that we, Israel, are pillagers, are hypocrites. After all, many nations took lands from nations who lived on them without any right or pretext for doing so. [Consider also America, Australia...] For example, the Kaftorim annihilated the Avvim and occupied their land. See Deut. 2 for further examples of nations who pillaged other nations and took their lands.

The point seems to be that before Israel respond to the nations with the main answer, they advance a side argument, namely: How can you and the Canaanites attempt to pose as innocent? After all, Eretz Yisrael was given to the descendants of Shem, and the Canaanites, descendants of Ham, took it from them. As Rashi wrote regarding the verse, "The Canaanites were then in the Land" (Gen. 12:6): "The Canaanites were gradually conquering Eretz Yisrael from Shem's descendants, for it had fallen to Shem's portion, when Noach divided up the earth amongst his sons."

Afterwards comes the main argument: The world and all it contains were created by G-d and belong to Him. He is the Owner, and He gives to whomever He wishes and takes from whomever He wishes. He chose Israel to be His chosen people, His supreme, treasured nation, and He gave them the Land to be theirs and not the Canaanites'. It likewise says (Deut.6:10-11): To give you great, flourishing cities that you did not build. You will also have houses filled with all good things that you did not put there, finished cisterns that you did not quarry, and vineyards and olive trees that you did not plant. You shall eat and be satisfied. [As Rabbi Kahane further explains in Peirush HaMaccabee on Shemot, Chapter 1]: And there, in the Land of Israel, they inherited houses full of good things(Nehemiah 9:25), just as G-d had promised to give them houses filled with every type of good, which you did not fill (Deuteronomy 6:11) -- you did not fill these houses, rather you captured them already filled with good. (Incidentally, this also teaches that everything that the Gentiles built and acquired when the Jews were not in Israel, they acquired illegally -- in fact, by theft -- because the land does not belong to them. Thus it is permitted to repossess their lands; only such property as they acquired under Jewish sovereignty is truly theirs.)

Clearly, just as G-d supervises the world and builds houses for the Jews in the Land of Israel in spite of the Gentiles and their anger, so too, when the Jews sin (!), His supervision works against THEM: They will build houses, but will not dwell in them...the great day of Hashem is near (Zephaniah 1:13-14).[...] "For the children of Israel are slaves to Me, they are My slaves, whom I have taken out of the land of Egypt -- I am Hashem, your G-d." (Lev. 25:55) -- This last verse was rendered [in Aramaic] by Targum Yonatan: "The children of Israel are Mine -- slaves to My Torah." NO ONE ON EARTH IS FREE! The children of Israel are not free, but slaves to Him and His Torah. Being such, how can we possibly own property? Surely, whatever a slave acquires, belongs to His master [...].

A Jew must realize that everything -- the world, punishment, even he himself -- is under G-d's exclusive domain".

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