How is this Passover similar to other historic Passovers?

Christian grandfather & son mistaken for Jews by killer
Frazier Glenn Miller of Aurora, Missouri, was arrested in the slayings of 3 people he thought to be Jewish, in his shootings at a Jewish community center and retirement community in Overland Park, Kansas. 

Physician, Dr. William Lewis Corporon and his grandson, 14-year-old Eagle Scout, Reat Griffin Underwood, died as a result of the injuries inflicted by Miller, a former Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon, at the JCC where Reat was to sing in a talent competition.  Grandfather and grandson were Methodists.

Terri LaManno, slain at Village Shalom
Terri (Hastings) LaManno, a Catholic, was shot in the parking lot of retirement Village Shalom, there for her regular Sunday visit with her mother.  Mrs. LaManno, who was married with three children, worked at the Children's Center for the Visually Impaired for eight years. She was an occupational therapist who helped toddlers with vision challenges improve their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. People at the center described LaManno as the ultimate employee with the most positive of attitudes. They said they'll have a tough time dealing with the news that they won't see her in the halls anymore.  Source KMBC-TV  

(Video: CBS This Morning)

The San Diego Jewish World reports: The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations extended its condolences to the families of the victims of the shootings outside of two facilities of the Jewish community in the Kansas City suburbs. 

It also noted that “the perpetrator is reported to have a history of both anti-Semitic and racist activities. It is a reminder of the dangers of homegrown terrorism and the threat posed by extremist organizations or individuals. Coming on the eve of Passover, it is particularly important that all community institutions take the proper steps to maximize security, but at the same time, people should not be dissuaded from attending communal events, services or programs. 

During the Passover service, we are reminded that there are those who arise in every generation who are motivated by violent, baseless hatred, extremist ideologies and radical philosophies. While Jews may be targeted, all people become victims. We hope this will lead to more vigilance at every level to expose and act against those who promote, support or take part in such horrific acts. The best way to properly memorialize and pay tribute to the victims is to make sure that everything is done that it not happen again.”  

See The Passover Calendar- An overview of the days of Passover in 2014 from

The scheduled appearance of four total lunar eclipses on major Jewish holidays between Monday night (the start of Passover 2014) and September 27, 2015 (the start of Sukkot) has the attention of much of the religious world. 

Somewhat less common are tetrads – four consecutive total lunar eclipses with no intervening partial eclipses – which has occurred 62 times since the year 0 AD.  A tetrad begins on Passover- a series of four total lunar eclipses that will occur over a period of about 18 months in 2014 and 2015 – each one on a Jewish festival day.

Seven times in the past 2,000 years, a tetrad has coincided perfectly with Passover and Sukkot. The last of those tetrads began just prior to the outbreak of the Six Day War in 1967. Two others (in 1493 and 1949) began more than a year after the expulsion of the Jews from Spain and the State of Israel’s declaration of independence, respectively.

Pastor Mark Biltz, author of the book, "Blood Moons: Decoding of the Imminent, Heavenly Signs," explained to JooTube.TV why Israel and the gentile nations ought pay attention to those attempting to remove holy land from Jewish guardianship (such as activists and politicians supporting a Muslim nationalist movement in Palestine) surrounding these eclipses (particularly during the super-moon - which will be visible in Israel during Sukkot, 2015) which he writes could be indicators of war against Israel.

"These are patterns and historical facts that cannot be disregarded. The Jewish Talmud records that total lunar eclipses are indicators or omens for the nation of Israel.” See Blood Moons' special message to America in 

The eclipses are going to go almost totally unseen in Israel.  Data published by NASA reveals that only the last of the four eclipses will be visible from the Middle East, and even the fourth will only be partially visible.

In related 'loony' news, the Algemeiner reports, NYPD Preparing for Possible Terror Attack Sparked by Abu Hamza Trial Beginning on Passover 
The New York Police Department on Tuesday said it was preparing for possible terror activity aimed at disrupting the trial of Abu Hamza al-Masri, the firebrand preacher from North London’s Finsbury Park Mosque, who allegedly planned attacks against Jews. Ironically, his trial in Manhattan Federal Court begins on April 14th, the start of the Jewish holiday of Passover. 
The imam “helped radicalize dozens of individuals in both the U.K. and U.S. who went on to engage in terrorist acts,” Rebecca Weiner, director of intelligence analysis for the NYPD, told Jewish leaders at a pre-Passover briefing at police headquarters, according to the New York Daily News.
“We are attuned to the possibility that his upcoming trial may inspire more” terror, Weiner said. “It is a major priority for us in the next couple of weeks.”

NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence John Miller said police will be on high alert. 

The trial, which selected a jury on Monday, was recessed until Thursday in respect for those observing Passover.

Jewish Conservatives react to candidates' presentations at Republican Jewish Coalition confab at The Venetian

Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) concludes the potential presidential candidates' pitches before the Republican Jewish Coalition.  Reactions from Executive Director Matt Brooks and Commentary Magazine's John Podhoretz.  Zionist Organization of America's Mort Klein recounts why an encounter with N.J. Gov. Chris Christie turned him off.

Former Israeli judge questions credibility of anti-Zionist Israeli-American author Miko Peled in televised debate

In a televised discussion about liberal media-bias in the Israeli press' coverage of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's visit, retired Israeli judge (currently law professor at Ariel University) Abraham Sion questions the credibility of "The General's Son" author Miko Peled (participating via Skype). Televised on "The Rick Amato Show" on One America News Network. Journalist, Scott Jenkins participates in the discussion.  

While some diaspora Jews leave parents to enlist in the I.D.F., thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews rally in diaspora streets to skirt military-service to defend the the Holy Land

Hareidi journalist claims Israel gets better protected by them learning & praying.  Can they do both?

Draft-Dodging Not Just a Religious Problem

While secular politicians tend to accuse religious Israelis of draft-dodging, a new study shows that over 20% of secular Jews avoid service. 

By Maayana Miskin in Israel National News, Dec 1 2011
The percentage of secular men who escaped the draft for health-related reasons had dropped slightly in 2010, with only 5.5% stating they could not serve for medical or psychological reasons, compared to 6.3% in 2009. IDF officials credited more stringent rules regarding exemptions for the drop.  Other reasons for failure to enlist included difficulty adjusting, a criminal background, and moving to live outside Israel. 

In total, 66% of men and women from secular homes who were drafted in 2010 enlisted in the IDF, while one third said they were unable to serve. 

Religious Enlistment: In the religious-Zionist community, motivation for military service is high among men. Religious Zionists are disproportionately likely to become officers.
Jewish-American, Lucas Siminofsky, discussed with JewTube.Info his decision to enlist and serve in the I.D.F. infantry as a "Lone Soldier"(Hayal Boded) when he was 18-years old in 2010.


The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported in April 2012 that there were an "estimated 5,000" Lone Soldiers enlisted. About 40% of them serve in combat units.  Mr. Siminofsky discusses the irony of secular, diaspora Jews (like himself) enlisting to protect and defend the Holy Land from irredentist Arab attackers, while hareidim (as well as many native, secular Israelis) who both live and benefit from the security which the military affords society, endeavor to avoid national service.

At last week's AIPAC 2014 Policy Conference in Washington, JewTube asked Hareidi-Israeli news journalist, Meir Berger ("Hamevaser") to clarify the Hareidi position on Israeli yeshiva students avoiding participating in national military service.

On Sunday 9 March, thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews filled the streets of lower Manhattan on Sunday to protest Israel's proposal to draft haredi citizens into its army.

A week ago, hundreds of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews rallied in the streets of Jerusalem, blocking roads and paralyzing the city in a massive show of force against plans to require them to serve in the Israeli military.
Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Manhattan (Photo: EPA)
Frum Jews opposed to I.D.F. service fill 10-blocks of Manhattan (Photo: EPA)

The widespread opposition to the draft poses a challenge to the country, which is grappling with a cultural war over the place of the ultra-Orthodox in Israeli society. The issue of army service is at the core of that struggle. Since Israel's founding in 1948, the ultra-Orthodox, who make up about 8 percent of Israel's 8 million citizens, largely have been allowed to avoid military service, compulsory for most Jewish men, to pursue their religious studies. Older men often don't work and collect welfare stipends while continuing to study full time.

The ultra-Orthodox insist their young men serve the nation through prayer and study, thus preserving Jewish learning and heritage, and by maintaining a pious way of life that has kept Jewish culture alive through centuries of persecution. But the exemption has enraged secular Israelis who say the ultra-Orthodox are not doing their fair-share. The issue featured prominently in last year's election, which led to the establishment of a center-right government that has been pushing for reforms that will require ultra-Orthodox to serve in the army.

The Knesset is expected to vote on the conscription bill later this month. The bill, which would not go fully into effect until 2017, would impose criminal sanctions on ultra-Orthodox draft-dodgers. However, yeshiva students would have the right to defer service until age 26. (With reporting from the A.P. in YNet News). 

Exclusive interview with Israeli Amb. to U.S. Ron Dermer. Does Iran already have a nuclear bomb?

Incoming Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer reveals his views on Iran, other pressing issues in JooTube video interview

Exclusive interview Israeli Amb. to the U.S. Ron Dermer speaks with JooTube about Christian American support for Israel - and the world's vital stake in ensuring a strong, safe Israel. Recorded at the NRB Convention in Nashville, TN on 24 Feb '14 

‘Iran already has a nuclear bomb,’ Israeli paper claims 
by Joshua Davidovich, September 27, 2013, The Times of Israel 

Unnamed government analysts quoted by Maariv say Tehran has crossed all red lines and is already in possession of at least one nuclear weapon 

Iran Has the Bomb By Peter Vincent Pry in the American Thinker February 20, 2014

U.S. intelligence is not good enough to so precisely and with such high confidence monitor and verify the status of Iran's nuclear weapons program.

Video: "How to overcome the maligning of the Jewish state"- Ariel Univ.'s Prof. Abraham Sion at San Diego Z.O.A.

Prof. Abe Sion challenges anti-Zionist shibboleths in So. Cal

The professor who directs the Center for Law and Media at Israel’s Ariel University says the Jewish state must argue its case more vehemently in the courts of law and public opinion, and to do that it must be willing to invest the money it takes to counter propaganda from the Palestinians and their backers in the Arab and Muslim world.

Prof. Abe Sion spoke before an audience of 60 persons at a meeting of the San Diego chapter of the Zionist Organization of America, on January 27th. The meeting was held in a sanctuary of Chabad at University City. 

Sion said that until recently, Israel had spent only $10 million on hasbara — its public relations message — and of that $6 million went to salaries. That amount, he said, is less than many corporations spend on their public relations.  Today, he added, the numbers are even worse.  He quoted Israel’s consul general in New York, Ido Aharoni, as saying Israel’s public relations budget is only $8 million, with $6 million continuing to go for salaries. Such an amount is far too little, he said, to counter the unremitting propaganda war on Israel by Palestinians, their Arab and Iranian backers and Jewish leftists.

After showing a video of pro-Palestinian demonstrators invading a store in Paris, and emptying from the shelves, without paying for them, every product produced in Israel, Sion likened the Arab propaganda wars on Israel and the Jews to the 1930s when vicious cartoons, and a campaign of singling Jews out for derision, preceded the Holocaust.

Sion, whose university sits in Samaria–beyond the 1949 “Green Line” and within the area often described in the media as the West Bank–said supporters of Israel must refute the argument that the territories captured by Israel in 1967 are “occupied Palestinian lands.”  He said when the League of Nations conferred upon Great Britain its mandatory power after World War I, the area called “Palestine” was officially declared a homeland for the Jews as part of that Mandate.  The League also created Iraq, Syria and Lebanon as homelands for Arabs.
Linda Sax (S.D. ZOA chapter Treasurer); author Sabene; Prof Abe Sion,
S.D. chapter Pres. Howard Dyckman; Zionist Christian J.J. Surbeck

Britain, said Prof. Sion, divided Palestine, giving more than a majority of it away to the Hashemite family of Saudi Arabia, thereby creating today’s Kingdom of Jordan.  After World II, the United Nations devised a partition plan for the remainder of Palestine, which the Jews accepted, and the Arabs rejected.  The Arab rejection made the plan null and void, he argued.   International law, if properly understood, should be that Israel, from the Mediterranean Sea to the boundary of Jordan, is a Jewish state, in which proper care must be taken to protect the rights of minorities who live among the Jews.  The 1949 Green Lines were simply lines of the armistice after newly-created Israel defeated invading Arab armies.  Contrary decisions by Israel’s Supreme Court and the International Court at the Hague ignored the guiding legal documents, he said.

Those who call a Jewish state an “apartheid” state should consider surrounding states “double apartheid” states because Jews are forbidden to live within them, and there certainly is no protection for the rights of others, Sion said.

American-trained Jews from former Soviet Union compete for Israel in Winter Olympics

Five Israeli athletes set to compete in Sochi By ALLON SINAI i02/06/20 THE JERUSALEM POST

Short-track speed skater Vladislav Bykanov will be the first team member to compete on Monday; 
Israelis will also participate in figure skating and skiing events
sochi olympics
Olympic rings in the Coastal Athlete's Village in Sochi, February 4, 2014Photo: REUTERS
Short-track speed skater Vladislav Bykanov will carry the Israel flag in Friday’s Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi.
Israel has sent five athletes to Russia, two more than it did to the Games in Vancouver four years ago.
Israel has never sent more than five athletes to a Winter Olympics, with the delegations in 2002 and 2006 also numbering five members.
The team in 1998 totaled three athletes, with figure skater Michael Shmerkin being the country’s lone representative in Lillehammer in 1994 in what was Israel’s debut at the Winter Games.
Bykanov will also be the first Israeli to compete in Sochi when he takes part in Monday’s 1,500-meter short track event.
The 24-year-old, who moved to Israel from Ukraine in 1994, will also participate in the 500m and 1,000m races and is aiming to reach the quarterfinals in all three of his events.
Israel’s figure skaters will also all be in action next week, with the duo of Evgeni Krasnopolski and Andrea Davidovich to compete in the short program of the pairs event on Tuesday and in the free skating the following day.
Krasnopolski and Davidovich, who are based in Hackensack, New Jersey, booked their place at the Olympics in the Nebelhorn Trophy, the final qualifying event for the 2014 Games held in September, by ending the pairs’ competition in 10th place.
Alexei Bychenko, who also trains in Hackensack, will compete in the men’s figure skating competition next Thursday and Friday.
Bychenko, 26, ended this year’s European Championships in 14th place and qualified for the Olympics by finishing in fifth place in the Nebelhorn Trophy.
According to the Olympic Committee of Israel, Bychenko is expected to finish at least among the top 24 skaters, while Krasnopolski and Davidovich should come in among the top 16.
Skier Virgile Vandeput will compete in the second week of the Olympics when he takes part in the giant slalom (February 19) and slalom (February 22).
Vendeput is expected to finish among the top half of skiers in both events.

Palestinians spit-in-the-faces of Israelis who support their demands at Ramallah conference

Palestinians vs. Pro-Palestinian Israelis

Ariel Sharon addresses the Americans who blamed him for shutting-down the Gaza settlements

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon addressing AIPAC 2005

N. American Zionists honored Ariel Sharon, but regretted his withdrawing from the settlements he built (for them, which they declined to emigrate to).

In September, 1977, Ariel Sharon unveiled "A Vision of Israel at Century's-End," a proposal for two million Jews to live in the occupied territories that builds on existing plans for additional settlements, homes and infrastructure. The plan offers many incentives for Israelis to move to settlements. "Make no mistake about it, this government will establish many new settlements. That's what it was elected to do and that's what it will do," says Sharon. According to Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics, since 1977, total aliyah from North American has not exceeded 90,000.  In fact, with the exception of 1990 & '91, in no year has total global aliyah exceeded 100,000. 

So in 2005, in view of the political and economic costs of defending the  Jewish population of Gaza's Gush Katif settlements (which had never exceeded 10,000 people), then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon initiated Israel's unilateral disengagement from Gaza, uprooting those communities.  Ariel Sharon died. Pioneer of Jewish re-settlement, In this JooTube original video, he addresses AIPAC in May of 2005: 

Transcript: "I came here from Jerusalem, the eternal, united and undivided capital of the State of Israel and the Jewish people forever and ever. And I would like to use the term "netzach netzachim" - more than forever and ever. I congratulate AIPAC for arranging this successful Policy Conference. It is my pleasure to join you in person and to close this incredible event at such a crucial time for the State of Israel. (Transcript continues below the break)

In less than 6-months from the disengagement, Ariel Sharon was stricken by a stroke which left him in a vegetative coma.  At a March, 2013 dinner for the Gush Katif Memorial Museum, Rabbi David Algaze of Queens, NY spoke of the national and spiritual sacrifice Ariel Sharon assumed by uprooting these many pious Jews in the interest of enabling Palestinian Arabs to demonstrate their genuine readiness to keep Israelis safe from the sovereign state they demanded.


After having survived in that comatose state for 8-years, on January 11, 2014, Ariel Sharon died.

Observant Jews bring tablets to the desert, organize communal rituals, at Consumer Electronics Show

Frum Jews attending C.E.S. in the Mohave desert share mutual observance rituals, kashrut.  

Maurice Ashear of Vivitar organizes for orthodox consumer electronics execs convention traveling in Las Vegas - thrice-daily prayer, kosher dining, and Shabbat observance.  

 (Original video- advance manually through playlist with buttons).

Israelis and friends in America stage tribute concert in honor of Arik Einstein at Mitchabrim L.A.

Arik Einstein 
Legendary Israeli singer Arik Einstein dies 

One of greatest musicians in Israel's history passes away at 74 after being evacuated to hospital in critical condition due to aortic aneurysm by Yaron Kelner in YNet News Nov 26' 13

Arik Einstein, widely considered one of the greatest singers in Israel's history, died Tuesday evening at the Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv. Einstein, 74, was evacuated from his home in critical condition at around 7 pm due to an aortic aneurysm. He was rushed to the emergency room, where he underwent a series of tests while being anaesthetized and given artificial respiration. He was later taken into the operating room, where doctors attempted to fight for his life but were forced to pronounce him dead. "The condition he arrived in made it impossible to save him," Dr. Gabriel Barbash, the hospital's director general, told reporters. "There will be no one to sing for us anymore," he added. 

"The songs he composed and sang are the soundtrack for Israel," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement. "With much sadness Israel parts with a cultural giant." 

President Shimon Peres said that Einstein's songs are the soundtrack of an entire nation; his voice was holding the people and embracing the land… I loved his songs from an early age. Though he's gone, his songs will continue to play life and hope." 

Shawn Evenhaim, chairman of the Israeli-American Council (IAC), said in a statement: “We are sad to hear about Arik Einstein’s death and send our condolences to his family, friends, fans, and to all Israelis. Einstein is an Israeli cultural legend and probably the greatest Israeli singer of all time, and we’re sure that every Israeli who lives in the US today shares in the sadness of his passing. A major icon of Israeli culture has left us, but his memory and songs will stay with us forever.”

Israeli-Americans perform tribute show of Arik Einstein's music
At Los Angeles' Mitchabrim Center  on Sunday 22 December, Israeli-American Sagie Shemesh organized a tribute concert of Arik Einstein's songs.  Both Israeli and diaspora musicians collaborated to perform songs Israelis of the Einstein era identify with. 

Enjoy this video playlist of the impromptu concert. (Advance through lower-right and left menu buttons).

Ms. Hila Halutzy, representing the Mitchabrim Center, introduced the evening, which began with a biography of Arik Einstein from Israel Channel 2 TV.

Guitar/vocalists Dudu Zar, Jimmy Gamliel, and Ronen Pollak alternated fronting the backup band of  Patrick Azria- lead guitar & keys, Avi Broohim- drums, Ayal Vishnitzer- rhythm guitar, Ami Benee Levy- violin, Sagie Shemesh- guitar & shared bass with Scott Jenkins. (Ishay Raveh assisted Sagie in operating the multimedia display).

Psychologists and rabbis confront the challenges facing today's orthodox families: Orthodox Union West Coast Convention in L.A.

Panel: Dealing with contemporary challenges which Orthodox families face 

The Orthodox Union held it annual West Coast Convention over the Shabbos weekend between December 12-15th, 2013.  A number of chachamim from around North America and Israel came to teach and answer questions at orthodox shuls in L.A., including Rabbi Hershel Schachter, Rosh Kollel and Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva University in New York.

The concluding session on December 15th, 2013 was "Dealing with contemporary challenges which Orthodox families face."

(Select among the 9 segments on the Playlist M
enu using arrow button 3rd from lower-right).

Host: Rabbi Adir Posy- Cong. Beth Jacob- Beverly Hills
Moderator: Rabbi Steven Weil- Exec. V.P., Orthodox Union
Panelists: Dr. David Pelcovitz- Psychologist & Professor, Yeshiva University Graduate School
Dr. Yocheved DeBow- teacher, Midreshet Emunah v'Omanut
Rabbi Reuven Bulka- Cong. Machzikei Hadas (Ottawa, Canada)

The panelists were invited to the podium to reply a couple of times each.