How Buzz Aldrin reacted to documentary on Ilan Ramon and his earth-orbiting torah which miraculously survived both Holocaust and Columbia disaster, 13-years ago

Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon's shoah Torah survived destruction
In the spirit of Holocaust Remembrance Day last week and the 13th anniversary of the event, PBS re-webcast, "Space Shuttle Columbia: Mission of Hope" (formerly titled "An Article of Hope").  It is the untold story of Colonel Ilan Ramon, a fighter pilot and son of Holocaust survivors who became the first and only astronaut from Israel, embarking on a mission with the most diverse shuttle crew ever to explore space. 
Space Shuttle Columbia crew
(Ilan Ramon rightmost in red)

Ramon realized the significance of “being the first” and his journey of self-discovery turned into a mission to tell the world a powerful story about the resilience of the human spirit. Although the seven astronauts of the Columbia perished on February 1, 2003, a remarkable story of hope, friendship across cultures, and an enduring faith emerged. 

The film premiered in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the disaster and NASA’s annual Day of Remembrance. 

“Moving tributes like this film remind us all that spaceflight always carries great risk,” NASA Administrator and four-time space shuttle astronaut Charles Bolden said. “But fallen heroes like Ilan were willing to risk the ultimate sacrifice to make important science discoveries and push the envelope of human achievement.”

Space Shuttle Columbia: Mission of Hope goes behind the scenes to explore the “mission within the mission” for Ramon, who carried into space a miniature Torah scroll that had survived the horrors of the Holocaust, given to a boy in a secret bar mitzvah observed in the pre-dawn hours in the notorious Nazi concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen. The bar mitzvah boy grew up to become Israel’s lead scientist for the mission, Joachim “Yoya” Joseph. 
Photo credit:FrumLife

The film follows the scroll’s path into Ramon’s hands, and the dramatic moment when he tells its story live to the world from the flight deck of Columbia. From the depths of hell to the heights of space, his simple gesture would serve to honor the hope of a nation and to fulfill a promise made to generations past and future.

Moon-walking astronaut Buzz Aldrin pays homage to Israel Air Force astronaut Ilan Ramon chronicle of Holocaust survivors' ascent into the heavens

L.A. Museum of the Holocaust memorializes Fascist Italy's 8,000 Jewish victims of the Shoah

"Life is Beautiful" (1997) depicted the Italian Jewish Holocaust experience
Fascist Italy was one of the last countries to serve-up her Jewish citizens to the Nazi camps. The 1997 film "Life is Beautiful," starring Roberto Benigni dramatized the Italian internment. Benigni's own father had survived 3-years of internment at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Italy's Consul General to L.A., the Honorable Antonio Verde, explains the reading of names of the Italian Jewish victims of the Nazi Holocaust at the L.A. Museum of the Holocaust.

Hearing the names of some of the 8,000 Jewish family members
 served-up from Italy sobered the LAMOTH audience.
Samara Hutman, Executive Director of L.A. Museum of the Holocaust explains the genesis and growth of the Italian Holocaust awareness project. 
Mrs. Anne Signett reads the names of Italian victims of Nazism. She expresses concern that the lessons of the Holocaust manifest as vigilance by current generations. 

Mrs. Amelie Dembitzer Levin, who survived the Holocaust by being hidden by Catholics in Italy.

Watch Avraham Fried perform with Cong. Beth Jacob cantor, Arik Wollheim; Duo Re'im scheduled

Nearly 1,800 people packed the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills on Jan. 11 to see Avraham Fried in concert during a musical extravaganza presented by the Modern Orthodox Beth Jacob Congregation and the synagogue’s Cantor Arik Wollheim. Israel’s Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau also took to the stage and delivered an impassioned address, according to a press release.
Photo: Jewish Home L.A.

Orthodox Jewish singing star, Avraham Fried, is joined by Cantor Arik Wollheim of Cong. Beth Jacob of Beverly Hills, who organized this concert at the Saban Theater, Jan. 11, 2015 in Beverly Hills.

Born and raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Fried is a Jewish singer, songwriter and musician whose musical style integrates variations of rock, pop and jazz, and features Jewish lyrics and themes. His hits include works sung in English, Hebrew and Yiddish. He has performed worldwide to large audiences, including a 2007 show in Jerusalem with Charedi superstar Yaakov Shwekey commemorating the 40th anniversary of the reunification of the city. 

The event attracted large groups from Beth Jacob, Chabad yeshiva schools, Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy, Maimonides Academy, Beverly Hills High School, and YULA boys and girls high schools, as well as casual Jewish music fans, the press release stated. 

The Sunday night concert was a festive occasion, as Fried and Wollheim involved the audience from the outset, imploring them to participate by singing along, dancing and forming conga lines in the aisles. Wollheim asked why a city like Los Angeles, with such a vibrant Jewish community, isn’t host to more events like this. 

“What is it about Jewish-American culture that prevents this from happening, and why does Jewish music tend to be limited to weddings in this city?” the Israeli-born cantor asked, according to the press release. “Why are we not a major consumer of Jewish music?” 

Wollheim indicated that he hopes to change this trend in Los Angeles and will be hosting The Duo Re'im on Sunday, January 10th at 7pm at Congregation Beth Jacob. 

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Video by Scott Jacobs; Story by Ryan Torok, Correspondent Jewish Journal of L.A. and Oren Peleg, Contributing Writer.

Does songwriter/activist David Broza's documentary "East/West Jerusalem" augment or diminish the conflict?

David Broza appeared at the L.A. Skirball's screening of the "East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem" documentary which depicts the making of his multi-cultural album of the same name. From their publicity:   "Can music bridge a decades-long political divide? Legendary Israeli musician David Broza heads to East Jerusalem to find out when he gathers a group of Israeli, Palestinian, and American musicians into a recording studio for eight days to record his latest album, "East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem." 

The groundbreaking album, produced by American producer/singer Steve Earle features Arabic rhythms, a Palestinian rapper, Broza's signature Spanish-influenced guitar playing, and more. Through soulful music and personal conversations, this new documentary follows the creation of the album, as well as the relationships of several Israelis and Palestinians, including the Israeli and Palestinian children who comprise the Youth Choir of Jerusalem and Broza's lifelong friendship with Israeli-Arab musician, Issa Freij.

Despite the tensions in the outside world, the musicians in the studio come together with a shared sense of optimism and love of music that transcends conflict, and gives us all hope that maybe music truly can change the world."

Our videotaped conversations with an Israeli peace-activist and a Gazan nationalist-activist (who currently resides in the West) reacting to the movie- reveal much about the religio-political divide. The liberal Israelis feel guilty about the Palestinian conditions (reinforced by Mr. Broza's film's polemic objections to the West Bank security fence and visit to a Palestinian refugee camp) and hope that granting sovereignty will end the Arab/Muslim terror against them. The Gazan man intends to conquer the Jewish state of Israel and sovereignty in a State of Palestine won't appease or deter them (as Israel's withdrawal from Gaza since 2005 has proven).   

Multi-cultural arts initiatives rarely emanate from the Muslims towards the Jews. One reason is that reconciliation is not in the interests of the global-Muslim mafias who rule Gaza and the West Bank. Perpetuating terror attacks necessitating the Security Fence/Wall and 3-generations of Arabs in refugee camps are the products of kleptocratic Palestinian politicians who have rejected reasonable sovereignty offers from Israeli leaders. By showing the appealing Palestinian singer, Ms. Mira Awad and Palestinian musicians in the recording of the songs, directors Henrique Cymerman and Erez Miller and Broza co-writer Gidi Avivi cinematically blame Israel's politicians and voters for the Palestinians "statelessness."  

This vilifying only hurts public perceptions of Israelis (many, like Mr. Broza, who view themselves as "citizens of the world"). But it condemns all Zionists (Israelis and Zionistic Jews and Christians) and rationalizes and encourages the jihadists' irredentist movement to conquer the Jewish state. While the intercultural music in "East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem" does feel good in the short-term, in the long-run, as it doesn't enlighten the world to push for reforms in Palestinian governance (and ending the Muslim war against Israel) which would genuinely advance the Palestinian interest, though perhaps not those invested in the bash-Israel/Palestinian sufferage business.

David Broza will perform in concert December 19th at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica.

What were the teachings of Rabbi Benjamin Kahane and wife, Talia, that Palestinians ambushed them for, 15-years ago this month?

Martyred Talia, Binyamin, and Meir Kahane  
Fifteen years after their tragic death by Arab terrorists, a memorial was held in Los Angeles on Thursday for Rabbi Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane and his wife Talia. The couple was killed in December of 2000 when Arab terrorists fired at their vehicle south of the Samarian community of Ofra, as they were driving from Jerusalem to their home in Kfar Tapuach. Just minutes before the attack the couple dropped off their 9-year-old son in Beit El where he attended school. 
Benjamin & Talia Kahane left 6 orphans

Rabbi Kahane was fatally shot and lost control of the car which overturned. Talya was critically wounded and died in the ambulance en route to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. The couple's five daughters, who were also in the car, were wounded by the terrorists.

One of the murderers was Khaled Shawish, a senior commander in the Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades terrorist organization, sponsored by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah faction. He was caught more than 8 years ago by Israeli forces in Ramallah. 

Rabbi Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane was born in New York and immigrated to Israel with his family in 1971. He was the son of Rabbi Meir Kahane, who founded the Kach movement and who was himself murdered by an Arab gunman in New York in November 1990. After his father’s death, Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane headed the “Kahane Chai” (Kahane Lives) movement which he established to continue his father's legacy. 

Binyamin and Talia Kahane were buried in Jerusalem. Their six children are being raised by Talia's younger sister and her husband in Kfar Tapuach.  (Israel National News) You can see the young, Nachum Shifren in this AP News video. He spoke at the Los Angeles event. 

Avraham Herzlich, Talia's father, a former New Yorker, turned Torah-observant shepherd- opens-up about his views since Palestinians murdered his daughter, Talia Kahane and son-in-law, Benjamin Kahane, which created 6 orphans his family has had to care for. Every day, he and a Belgian Shepherd dog lead their flock of 250 goats to graze across Jewish pastures on the West Bank - incurring the ire of Palestinian olive farmers.

What perspectives can we learn about who they were, what they taught, and why they were killed? What lessons do they have for our times? For the 15th year since the assassination of Rabbi Benjamin and Talia Kahane, Jonathan Stern organized a teaching in their honor. 

Event-speakers in this playlist: Rabbi Zvi Block of Toras Emes in Valley Village, Rabbi Nachum Shifren, Aryeh Rifkin of Jewish Activity Center of L.A., and Rabbi Moshe Parry.

Do Jewish leaders' salaries de-incentivize taking stands?

Do high-salaries make Jewish communal leadership risk-averse? The Forward has published a list of how much Jewish not-for-profit CEO's have at stake. (Jane Eisner in The Forward)   The Top 40:

Rank  Executive                Organization                                                        2014 Salary
1         Lisa Lynch              Brandeis University                                               $844,722
2         Stephen Hoffman    Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland             $801,581
3         Marvin Hier             Simon Wiesenthal Center                                       $784,155
4         Richard Joel            Yeshiva University                                                $738,180
5         Jonathan Greenblatt Anti-Defamation League                                        $689,830
6         Jerry Silverman       Jewish Federations of North America                      $672,358
7         Howard Kohr           American Israel Public Affairs Committee               $638,000
8         Marc Terrill             Assoc: Jewish Comm Fed of Baltimore                   $634,883
9         Matthew Brooks      Republican Jewish Coalition                                   $591,105
10       David Fisher            Birthright Israel                                                     $586,293
11       Alan Gill                 American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee         $583,674
12       Eric Goldstein         UJA Fed of Jewish Philanthropies of New York        $555,000
13       Alan Kadish            Touro College                                                        $547,714
14       Steven Nasatir        Jewish United Fund/Jewish Fed of Metro Chicago    $526,176
15       Jacob Solomon       Greater Miami Jewish Federation                            $497,110
16       David Harris            American Jewish Committee                                  $491,766
17       Jeremy Fingerman   Foundation for Jewish Camp                                  $460,975
18       Jay Sanderson        Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles               $460,870
19       Eric Fingerhut         Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life          $450,000
20       Steve Rakitt           Jewish Federation of Greater Washington                 $449,182
21       Morton Klein           Zionist Organization of America                               $440,440
22       Malcolm Hoenlein   Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Orgs        $422,041
23       Matthew Levin        Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County       $415,365
24       Janice Weinman     Hadassah                                                              $410,316
25       Barry Shrage          Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston   $406,623
26       Stephen Arnoff       Jewish Comm Centers Assoc of North America         $405,000
27       Josh Block            The Israel Project                                                    $401,750
28       Naomi Adler           Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia                 $390,000
29      Daniel Mariaschin    B'nai Brith International                                            $385,505
30      Danny Grossman    Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco        $352,722
31      Dov Ben-Shimon     United Jewish Comm of MetroWest New Jersey        $351,798
32      Russell Robinson    Jewish National Fund                                              $350,546
33      Jeffrey Finkelstein   United Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh                     $334,336
34      Ruth Messinger      American Jewish World Service                                $330,849
35      Mark Hetfield          Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society                                  $318,472
36      Michael Hoffman    Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County         $310,437
37      Roz Rothstein        Stand With Us                                                         $308,970
38      Michael Horowitz    Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta                         $303,848
39      Brad Hirshfield       CLAL (Nat Jewish Ctr for Learning & Leadership)        $295,961
40      Michael Makovsky Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs               $290,000

See the remaining 20 and the list with links in The Forward

Islamist violence stings Zionistic-Christian community; Muslim co-worker shoots "Messianic Jewish" mentor among 31-shot in SoCal "sudden jihad" massacre

 Syed Farook and Pakistani bride, Tashfeen Malik 
Pakistanis burn Israeli & American flags (file photo)
"What begins against the Jews never ends with just the Jews."

San Bernadino, California "instant jihadist" attackers, Syed Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27, were killed in a gun battle with police in 
San Bernardino after their mass shooting at a conference center with some of his work-mates. Some neighbors considered the ethnic Pakistani couple as normal, though another noticed an odd number of package delivers and Muslim visitors working in their garage. She reportedly said that fear of being called "racist" inhibited her from reporting her suspicions to authorities.

Police said 14 people were killed and 21 were wounded after the married couple opened fire at the Inland Regional Center on Wednesday, December 2nd.

Among the casualties was Farook's colleague, Nicholas Thalasinos, 52, a Messianic Jew who reportedly clashed with Farook over Islam two weeks ago.

Messianics, Jennifer & Nicholas Thalasinos
Read more in the Daily Mail: 

Nicholas, a fervent Zionist (who would wear tzitzit, and a tie-clip with the Star of David) would defend Israel against jihadist antagonists on Facebook. He corresponded with an Israeli friend of JooTube, Bat-Zion Susskind telling her: "As a gentile who loves HaShem, I know my place is to support Israel and the Jewish people." 

Ms. Susskind writes: "Nicholas fought against those who were proselytizing and making every effort to convince Jews that theirs is the right way! Nicholas was an amazing human being who supported Israel UNCONDITIONALLY, a Pro-Zionist, a sincere and honest man without any agenda who defended Israel and the Jewish people at any given moment."

Thalasinos' last public Facebook post, written just hours before the shooting, mentioned receiving a threatening message related to Israel. The threat included the words "You will die soon." In the post he defended Israel, and emphasized his pride at being labeled a Jew.  

His friend, Kuuleme Stephens said that though they would debate Islam and Israel, Thalasinos did not believe his co-worker, Syed Farook, would ever turn violent. FBI agents discovered a huge arsenal – including nearly 5,000 rounds of ammunition, a dozen pipe bombs and hundreds of tools for making IEDs at the couple’s home. It also emerged that Farook was in touch by phone and through social media with more than one international terrorism subject.   

Messianic Jews are Christians who adopt Jewish religious practices, but maintain belief in the Trinity and Jesus/Yeshua as Moshiach. 

Michael Medved responded to JewTube's question at the Orthodox Union West Coast Conference this week- regarding Islamic anti-Semitism as a factor in Farook's killing his work trainer, Thalasinos- and Jewish demoninations' need to address Islamic anti-Semitism. 

For the past number of years, the Zionistic Christian group, Proclaiming Justice Among the Nations, hosts a joint Jewish/Christian event at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville. Topics include showing their devotion to Israel and opposing anti-Semitism. The meetings attract Christians, Jews, and Messianic-Jews of varying degrees.
Laurie Cardoza-Moore promotes husband Stan's documentary

At the 2014 premiere of the Zionist documentary "Israel Indivisible" directed by Stan Moore, PJTN chief Laurie Cardoza-Moore paid tribute to the late Rabbi Gerald Meister- and welcomed author and radio host Michael Medved to address the audience.

Also in this video playlist are Rabbi Ken Spero of JerusalemU and Judean terror-survivor and author Mayor David Rubin.

In March of 2015, PJTN's Laurie Cardoza-Moore invited Amb. John Bolton to address the Obama vs Netanyahu clash over Iran nuclear weaponizing policy.

PJTN member Mr. John Golden and Israeli publisher of "Holy Lands," magazine Izhak Shani react to the Israeli Tourism Board's presentation of Christian Israel history and Tourism Ministry's MK Uzi Landau's inspiring farewell speech.