After "Team Israel" opened historic Spring for Zionism, Yesha advocate calls balls and strikes at AIPAC Conference

AIPAC highlights administration's pro-Zionism but downplays Zionist milestones; Judea/Samaria advocates hold separate conference; Leftist Jewish IfNotNow augments anti-Zionist protests, encourages the ferocity of IslamoMarxist protesters against Jewish Defence Leaguers, 2 of whom now pursue criminal defenses against charges.

Excerpted from AIPAC 2017 by Yishai Fleisher in The Jerusalem Post 4/11/17
Yishai Fleisher interviewed
by JooTube at AIPAC
"Here I am again reporting on what I saw at the massive gathering of Jews and Israel lovers the AIPAC Policy Conferencein Washington, DC.

An Awesome Gathering:  Indeed, in terms of numbers AIPAC did not disappoint as 19,000 participants showed up, 4,000 of whom were school and university age, and bringing them all together is no small feat.

 The atmosphere was electric when US Vice President Mike Pence spoke and the crowd went wild when the new US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, told the packed Verizon Center that “there’s a new sheriff in town.”

(Excerpts from Vice President Mike Pence's address)

But for me, the real magic was at night, after the official program had ended. Young Jews gathered in bar events run by organizations like Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), The Israel Project (TIP), Stand With Us, Israeli American Council, Students Supporting Israel (SSI) and Young Jewish Conservatives, among others. Beer was flowing, business cards were exchanged, hearts were opening – and the huge ocean that divides Israeli Jews and American Jews dried up like the Red Sea on Passover.

Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld of Marble Arch Synagogue in London hailed the Trump Administration's alignment with Zionism and hoped American Zionists activism might set an example for British Jewish leadership.

While the physical gathering itself was inspiring, the messaging of it was, in my eyes, less so. You might have thought this year’s 50th anniversary of the miraculous Six Day War and the triumphant reunification of Jerusalem would have been the overarching theme of the conference. The Six Day War did get a few honorable mentions, including a outstanding movie clip from Christian Broadcast Network, but that’s it. While we all remember the famous AIPACian phrase “Jerusalem will always remain the eternal undivided capital of Israel,” this year the motto was noticeably absent.
(Photo: Zola Levitt Ministry)

The neglect of unified Jerusalem at AIPAC was made even more conspicuous in light of the Trump administration’s exploration of moving the US embassy to the City of Gold. But while there was no finer moment to make an appeal to move the embassy than the giant annual pro-Israel gathering in Washington on the 50th year of reunification, alas, the issue was dropped.

Balfour - Not Dead, But Buried:  Yet another theme which was amazingly absent at AIPAC was the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration of 1917.
The key document to the birth of the State of Israel is celebrating its first centennial, precisely as Israel’s international legitimacy is being threatened. Yet the instrument of American pro-Israelism, AIPAC, neglected to so much as mention Balfour.

Post-Wikileaks revelations, lifelong Democrat urges uniting under Trump administration; 'Far-Left dominated Democratic Party no longer Jews' home'- Principal argues

Alan Bergstein argues Florida's liberal Sun-Sentinel biases the electorate
When liberal pro-Obama and pro-Clinton speakers appeared at Delray, Florida's Vizcaya 
community "The Forum,"   attendance reached into the hundreds. Cars overflowed the parking lot, extending outside the community's gates. However, when lifelong Democrat-turned-independent, Alan Bergstein, 83, appeared as part of "The Forum" civics lecture series on April 5th, only about 30 (rather than 200) people attended.

Mr. Bergstein, an independent who encourages patriotic Americans to re-unify under the legitimately elected Pres. Donald Trump cautions other lifelong Democrats to reconsider their reflex support of the now, Leftist dominated Democratic National Committee platforms and candidates. He is introduced by Steve West, The Forum's manager in this talk.

We asked Mr. Bergstein, a retired Bronx, NYC middle-school principal, to explain what about his remarks the audience (which is offered an open mic to address him with questions) elected to avoid. Mr. Bergstein is concerned that the Left-wing ascension within the Democrat National Committee party leadership is an issue the audience shies from having to be presented with. Here is his response:

AIPAC Conference encourages global attendees to dialogue; Protesters prefer guerrilla tactics, 2 Jewish bodyguards provoked, arrested; Were cops complicit?

Israeli Amb. to U.S. Ron Dermer addresses AIPAC in D.C.
At the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington last week, some 18,000 Israel supporters from around the world Jews were encouraged by words from Trump administration's Vice President Mike Pence, US Amb. to the U.N. Nikki Haley, as well as Congresspeople and (via satellite) Israeli diplomats, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

While many repeat North American attendees have become accustomed to politicians' platitudes of support for Israel which ultimately ring hollow, the Trump adminstration is offering renewed hope
Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) addresses AIPAC convention
in supporting Israel and challenging its nemesis, political Islam- particularly that backed by Shi'ite Iran. And few of the attendees may appreciate this espirit des corps as much as those hailing from multicultural liberal (read anti-Israel, philo-Muslim) Europe and Australasia.

Sr. Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld, Marble Arch Syn., London, UK
Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld, senior rabbi at London's Marble Arch Synagogue told JewTube.Info "I have the honor of being the only British Orthodox rabbi at AIPAC for the second year running. And I do it so I can get a fix and tell my congregation what it's like to hear 18,000 people to sing the Hatikvah and root for the vice-president. We need it in London. London is so wishy-washy when it comes to Zionism. We need this." In a message for the British Board of Deputies, Rosenfeld says, "Stand-up stronger for Israel and for the Jewish people. Don't keep your heads below the parapet."

The violent anti-Israel demonstrations in France and Canada have warranted the organizing and deploying of Jewish self-defenders.
IfNotNow Jewish Leftists closed the Convention entryway
At the past 2 years' AIPAC Conferences, well-organized Socialist and Islamist groups protested intimidatingly, impeding the ingress and egress of conference attendees and starting fights (including with sign-sticks) against the small number of Jews who came outside to defend their honor before the news and social-media influencer cameras.

Palestinian for Israel,
Sondra Solomon drew
Muslims' menacing, violence
This year, the Toronto, Canada-based Jewish Defence League organized a counter-presence to clear a path and deter violence against Zionists from militant anti-Zionists. While the J.D.L. group, led by Meir Weinstein, was outnumbered exponentially by the aggressive anti-Israel protesters, they would not be intimidated by physical threats and did, in fact, combat force with greater force. 

For unknown reasons, the D.C. police did not separate the aggressive crowd of Israel-haters from J.D.L. When their comrades Ram Lubranicki and reformed-Palestinian Sandra Solomon were hit and menaced, JDL'ers caught and punished Kamal Nayfeh, 55. In JewTube.Info's exclusive interview, Sandra Solomon recounts Nayfeh's menacing her and theft of her Palestinian flag. Israeli-Canadian Yosef Steynovitz, 29, and Israeli-American Ram Lubranicki, 59, were arrested (no Muslims were arrested) and charged by D.C. police (respectively) with felony assault and misdemeanor assault. The men are accepting donations for their legal defense.
Arabs beat Yosef Steynoitz (who wears hearing-aids), 
but D.C. Police arrested him, brought him to 
the hospital for treatment, then jailed him

While the information and dialogue presented by politicians and experts to the AIPAC-amassed Zionists, protesters were closed-minded to the reasoned information and arguments the few Zionist attendees attempted to dialogue with them. Organized antagonists and hostile provocations resulted in D.C. police restricting ingress and egress to the attendees.

This video playlist features JewTube.Info's original coverage from inside and outside of the Conference (including attempted dialogue with Arab and Leftist protesters, and interviews with Harold Rhode and Ryan Bellrose at the separate Judea/ Samaria event).

Latino zionist, Luis Cruz, attempts to engage in reasoned dialogue
with anti-Israel antagonists outside AIPAC

Prof. Mordechai Kedar demystifies the Middle East on Capitol Hill- via pro-Israel think-tank, E.M.E.T.

Dr. Mordechai Kedar addresses Capitol Hill staffers via EMET
Dr. Mordechai Kedar, a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, explored the various factors that play a role in shaping the events of the region in this talk to to legislative staffs on on Capitol Hill, February 13, 2017. The event “Why is it so Difficult to Understand the Middle East” was organized by E.M.E.T. (Endowment for Middle East Truth) in Washington, D.C. 

The Islamic State continues to control large areas of Syria and Iraq, Russia's footprint in Syria has increased with its support for Assad, and Iran is continuing to back the Assad regime, and Hezbollah. At the same time, Saudi Arabia and Iran are supporting opposing factions in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Bahrain. And the Syrian civil war has resulted in the death of nearly 500,000 people. Why is the violence in the Muslim and Arab world escalating? What is the Western world missing about the cultures of the Middle East? 


"The creation of an artificial Palestinian state requiring the uprooting of Jewish families where no Arab population currently exists would lead to indefensible borders for the Jewish homeland,” says Kedar on his website. He also denies the argument that the populations can be moved, claiming "today Arabs live within the state of Israel and in Gaza, Judea and Samaria. These Arab population centers are not going away and neither is the State of Israel.”

Sarah Stern explains how E.M.E.T. is unique in pro-Israel advocacy

Sarah Stern, founder of Washington think-tank, Endowment for Middle East Truth, explains how her organization's positions and work compare to that of A.I.P.A.C. on Capitol Hill. One way E.M.E.T differs is in presenting the case against founding an Islamist, Jew-hating state alongside Israel. According to Mrs. Stern, "EMET believes that we should stop aiding the P.A. now. We actually felt since '1993 when, after signing the Oslo Accords, that Arafat went on TV in Jordan and said "this is the "peace of the brave," akin to what the prophet Mohammed signed with the tribe of Koresh. And he made them vulnerable and then eviscerated them. The problem is now that there have been 23 years when the P.A. has used every means possible to indoctrinate their people to hate and to kill Israelis." for 23-years, the believes that AIPAC policy is too influenced by appealing to Democrat donors, rather than reflecting the Likud-led, Israeli government positions.

Should Jews be mocking Hitler and the Nazis - documentary "The Last Laugh" explores

Mel Brooks' Nazi imitations aggrandize him but
do they weaken the taboo against anti-Semitism?
Jewish TV & filmmakers may have the right to exceed taboos - but should they, and should they be rewarded for it glamorizing it? Do Jewish shock-comics legitimizing dark-humor help or hurt our crusade to quell anti-Semitism?

'The Last Laugh' asks if there's anything taboo in comedy anymore" Review in the L.A. Times 
by Kenneth Turan, March 19, 2017
At times haphazard but always involving, "The Last Laugh" confronts a question that sounds anachronistic in today's anything-goes world: Are there any taboos remaining in humor, areas where making jokes is simply beyond the pale? 
Though documentarian Ferne Pearlstein (who photographed and edited as well as directed) deals briefly with potentially forbidden areas like 9/11 and even child molestation (the subject of a Louis CK routine), most of the film focuses on jokes about Hitler and the Holocaust, a subject that elicits as many opinions — and jokes — as there are interview subjects.  Those speaking up include Larry Charles — involved in everything from "Seinfeld" to the features of Sacha Baron Cohen — and Israeli novelist Etgar Keret, the son a Holocaust survivor, who notes that "humor is the weapon of the weak." 
One of the most involving voices in the film turns out to be Mel Brooks, whose vision of "Hitler on Ice" from "History of the World, Part I" opens the film.  ...  he  (Brooks) also has some thoughtful things to say about why he can do Hitler jokes but not ones about the Holocaust. Rob Reiner agrees. 
Mel Brooks as Torquemada sings "The Spanish Inquisition"
Mel Brooks broke the public taboo on joking about Jew-hatred, showing gallow-locked Jews singing in "The Spanish Inquisition" musical number in his "History of the World Part 1," and creating empathy for Franz Kiebkind and his other singing and dancing Nazi characters in The Producers' "Springtime for Hitler."

But do comedians' making light of anti-Semitic atrocities diminish the taboo against Jew-hatred to the gentile public?
Treated like beasts: prisoners working in the crematorium at
Dachau. Photo: LAPI/Roger Viollet/Getty
Do they weaken the societal taboo deterrent against Jew-hatred? Is anyone who behaves tyrannically now a "Hitler?" Does the "Soup Nazi" reflect a now mundane adjective- and diminish Nazi-ism and its victims?

The Last Laugh
claims to explore the issue, but as a public-figure objecting to comics' (even Jewish ones) making Nazi & Holocaust fun shows only Rabbi Abraham Foxman, former Anti-Defamation League executive director.
The film posits Sarah Silverman as an authority on justifying Jewish comedians mocking Jews and Jewish subjects.
(Photo: Andrew Toth via Getty Images)
Silverman, Jon Stewart, and comics like Amy Schumer have popularized "Jewy" as an acceptable disparaging adjective. Being perceived as Jewy is now an acceptable anti-Semitic criticism, without equal in, for example, African-American identity. 

At L.A. Jewish Film Festival screening of The Last Laugh, (l - r) USC's Marty Kaplan,
Renee Firestone, director Ferne Pearlstein, and writer Robert Edwards engage audience questions

L.A. Jewish Film Festival's screening in Beverly Hills this weekend featured Renee Firestone, one of just a few concentration-camp survivors commenting in the movie (Hogan's Heroes' Cpl. LeBeau-actor, Robert Clary being another), claiming that having survived to approaching 93-years of age in the midst of the Allies defeat of the Axis powers shows that she (and thereby, we) has "the last laugh." But Jew-hatred (demonstrated online) is strong throughout the world and Jews deluding we already have the last-laugh are avoiding our need to still fight it, socially, politically, and physically- and through other means than the liberally politicized A.D.L. 

We spoke with the filmmakers after the post-screening discussion.  

"The Last Laugh" is an intellectual exploration in whether Jewish comedians go too far. But it reflects the weakening taboo (and deterrence) against anti-Semitic attitudes, statements, and conduct which may grow among the gentile public who may see it on TV.

Now playing in: NYC- at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas

TORONTO- at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Los Angeles- at Laemmle Theatres Town Center 5 Encino and Music Hall Beverly Hills 
through March 23rd.

How Pres. Trump is already resetting the Middle East onto a safer track- E. Jerusalem Rabbi Packer

E. Jerusalem Rabbi Ben Packer offers Jews sanctuary, education,
and prayer amidst many antagonistic, pro-Palestinian Muslims
On his current visit to Los Angeles, Rabbi Ben Packer, director of the Jerusalem Heritage House in East Jerusalem, remarks on how U.S. Pres. Donald Trump is working to make life safer for liberty in the Middle East, and to better insulate the free-world against the Islamist revolution. 

Rabbi Ben Packer goes into detail in a salon in Los Angeles on how Pres. Trump's administration is (and should continue) evolving US Middle East policy from the Obama/Kerry/Jarrett years.

Rabbi Packer responds to salon attendees' questions, explaining how from Israel's perspective, this Administration is beneficial for the Jewish nation and the global resistance to Islamist expansionist terror. The event was organized by Sheryl Giffis and videographed by Howard Reichman of Village Filmworks.

Video of Los Angeles kiruv Rabbi Shlomo "Schwartzie" Schwartz teaching Kabbalah months before final return to Safed, Israel

Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz was a top kiruv rabbi in Los Angeles
With great sadness we inform you of the passing of Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz, OBM, AKA “Schwartzie,” a well-known and beloved rabbi, entertainer, inspirational speaker and founder of the Los Angeles-based Chai Center. He was 71 years old.
Schwartzie, a product of a Chabad yeshiva and a devoted follower of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s teachings, ventured where no rabbi has gone before. A onetime bongo-thumping Greenwich Village beatnik, he frequents rock concerts — flowing beard, yarmulke, Mickey Mouse suspenders and all — and will on occasion lace a wedding ceremony with lyrics from the Grateful Dead’s repertoire.
Born in Atlantic City, NJ, he was the son of a “Conservadox” cantor, who had fled Vienna in 1939.  Schwartz found his natural calling at UCLA’s Chabad House, the first of its kind at any American university.
He quickly became a highly visible campus figure, setting up his stand on the main student thoroughfare. “I could identify nine out of 10 students as Jews just by their looks,” Schwartzie once quoted as saying in a news article. “The other one was either Armenian or Italian.”
Schwartzie always had the last word. “I’ve been called a Reform Chassid and God’s court jester, but whatever the label, I do believe that to bring Jews back into the fold one must serve God with joy.”

He is survived by his wife, Olivia, and children: Chana (Los Angeles, CA), Shalom Yishaya(Crown Heights), Rivka Sara Chein (Crown Heights), Mayshe Schwartz (Brookline, MA), Hindel Swerdlov (Jerusalem, Israel), Mendel Schwartz (Los Angeles, CA), Nechama Dina Schallman (LA), Yosef Schwartz (Miami, FL), Aura Rosenblatt (Los Angeles, CA), Shmuel Asher Schwartz (Los Angeles, CA), Berry Schwartz (Crown Heights) and Cobi Schwartz(Los Angeles, CA). - Source:  CrownHeights.Info

Rabbi Shlomo ("Schwartzie") Schwartz (of blessed memory) teaches Kabbalah at Happy Minyan commemoration of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, November 20, 2016. "Ubo tidbakun"- glue yourself to the Moses of your generation. Rabbi Schwartz was nifter 8 Feb '17, buried in Safed, Israel.
Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz  taught this class on Relationship Kabbalah on his 71st Hebrew birthday (6 Dec '16) at the Community Room of the Farmers Market, Los Angeles. He offers a birthday blessing to those viewing towards the end. May his neshoma reach the highest for all of the Jewish souls he fostered.

Americans protest Obama & Kerry's Paris Conference to carve Islamist Palestine in heart of Israel via U.N.

Sunday's Paris conference will result in recognition of a Palestinian state, which will be followed by a UN Security Council resolution confirming the statehood, this time binding, on Tuesday, January 17, with the US either voting in favor or abstaining. 

Such a resolution could be the foundation for future sanctions against Israel should it refuse to comply by removing its settlements from the newly invented state alongside its border. 

"We will NOT allow the UN and her gang of Israel haters to target Israel unjustly," state the rally organizers. "NO MORE Anti-Israel documents or resolutions! The UN's attempt to revise and erase Jewish history is deplorable. We call on the UN to focus on REAL issues such as Syrian Genocide and Global Islamic Terror instead of vilifying Israel unjustly." - David Israel in The Jewish Press 12 Jan '17

NY Shame on the U.N. rally at nearby French Consulate
"Thousands rally for Israel in NYC ahead of Paris parley" by Tamara Zieve in The Jerusalem Post Jan 12, 2017 

Some 5,000 demonstrators gathered outside the Permanent Mission of France to the United Nations in New York on Thursday to express their support for Israel ahead of an international conference on Middle East peace set to be held on Sunday.

The gathering was sponsored by the North American Coalition for Israel, which is made up of more than 50 organizations. Under the banner “Shame on the UN,” public figures, clergy members and victims of terrorist attacks gathered together with members of the Jewish community, demanding that the United Nations “immediately cease its unjust targeting of Israel and focus on real issues such as Syrian Genocide and Global Islamic Terror.” 

NY Assemblyman Dov Hikind blames Obama and John Kerry for the hypocrisy getting 72 nations to ignore far worse humanitarian conflicts to obsesss against Israel.

Hillary Markowitz emcees the Shame on the UN rally
Co-organizer, Hillary Markowitz said the choice of NY's French Consulate was due to the parley in Paris “where they will try to force Israel to go back to the pre-’67 borders – Jerusalem no longer belongs to Jews and Christians and we are standing out there with our Christian and Jewish brothers to say it’s ridiculous.” “The conference itself is a preamble to the UN – then they will try to get a resolution,” she said. Israel has said it sees the French-led conference as an effort to impose a settlement on it, and that it will not take part.

Watch NYC zionist activist, Jeffrey Wiesenfeld address the rally:

On the heels of Sunday’s attack in Jerusalem which took the lives of four Israeli soldiers, Ms. Markowitz believes that the aforementioned US, UN and international moves have emboldened the terrorists.

Rabbi Mark Wildes of Manhattan Jewish Experience speaks.

The rally was organized by the organizations StandWithUs, Amcha, Strength to Strength and Fuel for Truth.

French Pres. Francois Hollande invited Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to meet with him and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Paris the day after the conference, but the prime minister said he would only come if the conference was dropped.

Obama betrays Israel, Calif menorahs attacked, Nazis taunt worshipers

Rabbi doubles-down after vandalism (Photo: Howard Cramer)
Worshipers at the Orthodox Jewish synagogue, Living Torah Center in Santa Monica, Calif ("known as the Home of The Homeless" according to Harry Shearer) are no strangers to antagonism. Last Sukkot, their backyard Sukkah was vandalized with a swastika and smeared crap. Recently, a black intruder disrupted prayers with a "Heil Hitler" and machine-gun rat-a-tat feign. But when the window displaying their 6-foot menorah was smeared with excrement and food garbage, Breitbart News reporter / congregant Joel Pollak attracted global attention to the issue.
Black disrupter feigned Nazi attack during prayers Nov 17

Synagogue window cleaned from smeared feces Christmas Eve
Santa Monica Synagogue Smeared with Feces in Attack on Chanukah by Joel Pollak Dec 25, 2016
A local synagogue entrance was smeared with feces and food in an apparent antisemitic attack on the first night of Chanukah on Saturday night. Congregants arriving for prayers on Sunday morning at the Living Torah Center, a synagogue affiliated with the Orthodox Chabad movement, were shocked by the vandalism, which one of the rabbis cleaned as best he could before services. Some feces remained lodged in the upper corner of the building’s facade, and marred a window facing Wilshire Boulevard. Rabbi Boruch Rabinowitz told Breitbart News that the attack was not random. The synagogue may have attracted additional attention because of the menorah lit in the window. Jewish law dictates that the Chanukah menorah be placed in a window facing the outside world in order to publicize the holiday. 
When the temple learned that the TV news was finally interested in their situation, rather than downplaying their window menorah out of fear that it would attract more trouble, Rabbi Boruch and Mrs. Rivka Rabinowitz elected to organize a public menorah lighting party Monday evening. They welcomed the community to come participate in a lighting of the besmirched window's menorah. Even area Gentiles appeared in support.

Santa Monica Synagogue Turns Darkness to Light on Chanukah by Joel Pollak Dec 27, 2016
A synagogue that was vandalized on the first night of Chanukah, with feces and food smeared across the front entrance near a menorah display, held a joyful public menorah lighting on Monday evening to celebrate unity and tolerance.
Community joins in ceremony (Photo: Howard Cramer)
Rabbi Boruch Rabinowitz of the Living Torah Center, a congregation affiliated with the Orthodox Jewish movement of Lubavitch Chabad, told a crowd of over 100 people who had gathered on Wilshire Boulevard that the community would set aside the darkness of the event and spread the light of the holiday instead. “We will make the light burn … we will give the light to another, that they should pass it to another … protect the flame of Godliness.” “It’s not only [that] we care that this synagogue should not be desecrated, but of course we care that no holy place should be desecrated, not in the United States of America, and not anywhere around the world,” the rabbi said. 
Anti-Israel protestors in Chicago
Christmas and Easter has historically brought violence and vandalism to Jewish minorities. Jews in Eastern and Western Europe have experienced a rise in anti-Semitism in the past 15-years- from both Christians and Muslims. But have North American Jews, living in suburban and urban liberal enclaves since the civil-rights movement ''60s, been too cavalier in assuming resentment of Israel and Jews is no social or physical threat.

Is the largely Muslim anti-Semitism of Europe growing on North American shores? Are diaspora Jews oblivious to the extent of anti-Semitism revealed through online media news, posts, and comments? JooTube.TV reports from the post-vandalism vigil to see what  lessons can be learned from the Santa Monica Smearing, the ensuing vigil of support, and in which ways the event might influence how Jews think and adapt to anti-Semitism in our communities.

Valerie Jarrett, Pres.Obama, Hillary Clinton
Are the 70% of Jews who supported Obama and Hillary Clinton feeling betrayed by Obama and Secy of State John Kerry at their holiday-week back-stab of the Jewish State?

Many people assumed that the election of Donald Trump would be a panacea for Zionism. Until January 20th, the Obama administration is setting-up UN resolutions beyond US law which will legally vilify Israel - and socially vilify her supporters in their own communities. More anti-Semitic bigotry and discrimination will surely grow. 

(Will you please support the continued services of JooTube to interpret and depict the battle for the just defense of Zionism and Jewish safety)? Click link here or in the right margin of the JooTube.TV site. Thank you and may you be blessed for a safe, healthy new year!

Star of Hollywood's most recent Israeli-independence movie turns 100

Michael, Anne, Catherine, and Kirk Douglas
 photo --------------------------------------------------_zpsc763f19f.jpgKirk Douglas was 50 when he made Hollywood's most recent movie on Israeli sovereignty. Now he's 100. 

Kirk Douglas, born Issur Danielovitch in upstate New York on 9 December 1916, turned 100 on Friday 9 Dec 2016. His family threw him a birthday party at the Beverly Hills Hotel for around 200 family and friends. Douglas grew up in poverty with his immigrant (Belarus) parents Bryna “Bertha” and Herschel “Harry” Danielovitch, and six sisters. The family spoke Yiddish at home. The family adopted the name Demsky, so Kirk grew up as Izzy Demsky, and changed his name to Kirk Douglas before enlisting in the Navy in World War II.

Douglas had a complicated relationship with his Jewish identity. In 1999, at age 83, he celebrated his second bar mitzvah, telling the congregation at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, “Today I am a man.”  But between his first and second bar mitzvahs, Douglas was living well outside his Jewish faith.

In an interview he gave in 2000, Douglas explained: “Judaism and I parted ways a long time ago, when I was a poor kid growing up in Amsterdam, NY. Back then, I was pretty good in cheder, so the Jews of our community thought they would do a wonderful thing and collect enough money to send me to a yeshiva to become a rabbi. Holy Moses! That scared the hell out of me. I didn’t want to be a rabbi. I wanted to be an actor. Believe me, the members of the Sons of Israel were persistent. I had nightmares – wearing long payos and a black hat. I had to work very hard to get out of it. But it took me a long time to learn that you don’t have to be a rabbi to be a Jew.”

All his children were born to non-Jewish mothers, but Douglas insists they were “aware culturally” of his “deep convictions,” and he never tried to influence their own religious decisions.

Douglas’s wife Anne converted to Judaism in 2004. Douglas told author Deborah Moore in 1994 that the underlying theme of some of his films – The Juggler (1953), Cast a Giant Shadow (1966), and Remembrance of Love (1982) – were about “a Jew who doesn’t think of himself as one, and eventually finds his Jewishness.”

The Juggler was the first Hollywood feature filmed in the state of Israel. Cast a Giant Shadow was a big-budget action film based on the life of Colonel David “Mickey” Marcus, a Jewish-American military officer who commanded IDF units during the 1948 Israeli War of Independence. Kirk Douglas starred as Marcus, alongside Senta Berger (as Haganah fighter, Magda Simon), Yul Brynner (Haganah commander Asher), John Wayne (Marcus’s commanding officer in the Second World War), Frank Sinatra (Vince Talmadge, an expatriate American pilot) and Angie Dickinson (Marcus’s wife). Melville Shavelson adapted, produced and directed.
Don Rickles, 90, cuts-up with Kirk Douglas' on 100th birthday

Douglas is also credited with being on the side of the angels, publicly crediting Spartacus screenwriter Dalton Trumbo in an effort to end the Hollywood Blacklist.

Kirk Douglas speaks Hebrew at "Israel at 60" 2008 .Academy Award recipient Kirk Douglas, introduced by L.A. Sinai Temple's Rabbi David Wolpe, addresses the Kodak Theatre audience in Hebrew, recalling the films he made in Israel, including Walter Mirisch's "Cast a Giant Shadow," with John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, and Yul Brenner.  
Hosted by Joshua Malina, the event features a cameo appearance by Kirk Douglas, a tribute to Gerda Weismann Klein, HBO's documentarian Cary Antholis, and a speech by American Jewish University's Dr. Michael Berenbaum. 

Award-winning, Keshet Chaim, a contemporary L.A.– based Israeli dance company premiered a new work in honor of Israel’s 60th. US Holocaust Memorial Museum LA Event Dec '11

Son, Michael Douglas pays tribute to the generosity of father Kirk Douglas at Motion Picture & Television Fund's 95th celebration, Hollywood's Night Under the Stars, on October 1, 2016.

Complexities of King David's Holy Temple-building son portrayed on L.A. stage

Solomon, son of King David, ruled the sovereign nation of Israel and in 832 BC, began construction of the Holy Temple (Beit Hamikdash) in Jerusalem.

In L.A., actor and co-writer Marcus J. Freed depicts the complexities of Solomon's world in a humorous, biblical comedy. "Solomon: King, Poet, and Lover" takes you on a funny & fast-paced roller-coaster ride through the life of King Solomon. You meet Solomon as he tries to open the Temple, publish astonishing books of wisdom, experience every delicacy on earth, and keep 700 wives happy. Freed's Solomon is also the King of 700 wives and 300 concubines.

In this video excerpt, Freed likens Solomon's concomitant responsibilities (and proclivities) to spinning juggling plates:

Interview with Solomon actor and co-writer, Marcus Freed: 

Secular-Jewish, Barak Raviv reacts to Solomon production:

Orthodox visitor, Chaya Parkoff from Denver, reacts to show:

Reaction from frum Pico-Robertson's Miriam Greenberg:

The 60-minute performance is witty, engaging & thought-provoking. Los Angeles premiere runs: Sat 12/3 7.30pm, Sun 12/4 3.30pm; Sat 12/10 7.30pm, Sun 12/4 7.30pm. For tickets, click here.

Netflix launches Israeli West Bank spy TV series "Fauda" (2015/16 season) worldwide today

"A top Israeli agent comes out of retirement to hunt for a Palestinian militant he thought he'd killed, setting a chaotic chain of events into motion." The first season of Israeli suspense series, Fauda, completed on Israel's "Yes" network (which is readying for its second season there) launches Friday 2 Dec on Netflix. Itay Stern characterizes in Ha'aretz
“Fauda” (which means "chaos" in Arabic) was a major commercial success for Yes. It portrays a group of mist’arvim – undercover soldiers – who work in Judea and Samaria disputed territories, and was acclaimed for its unusually complex and humane portrayal of Arab characters, and realistic focus on life under the Palestinian Authority. The second season has been delayed due to disputes between the production companies, but is due to air in 2017. “We’re so thrilled,” says Raz, about the Netflix purchase. “This is an achievement not only for me and for (co-creator) Avi Issacharoff, but for all the writers and the director and the cast. And especially for Yes, which took on this series that no other broadcaster believed in. Without them, none of this would have happened.” 
“Fauda,” with Hebrew and Arabic dialogue, will air as is, but as an “original Netflix series,” with a new Netflix-produced opening. In some countries, the show will have subtitles, while in others, such as in South America and Eastern Europe, it will be dubbed. 
Here is the trailer

The show was co-created by lead actor Lior Raz and writer Avi Isaacharoff. Mr. Issacharoff is an Israeli journalist known for his focus on Palestinian affairs. He is Middle East analyst for The Times of Israel and its sister news portal Walla!  From 2005 until 2012, he was the Palestinian and Arab affairs correspondent for the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz. The two filmmakers appeared at  the Netflix premiere screening in Hollywood this Monday, but they were not available to tape an interview with JooTube.

Lior Raz, Meir Fenigstein (Israel Film Fest), and Avi Isaacharoff in Hollywood
Lior Raz appeared at international film festival screenings in Europe last year where the show (first 2 episodes combined) met with wide acclaim among liberal judges in Israel-loathing / Palestinian-loving Europe.

When he accompanied the "film" to the Israel Film Festival in Hollywood last November, JooTube asked him about the wisdom in revealing Israeli undercover operations to a distrusting, Muslim and Christian world which suspects Jews of treachery and Israelis of unethical treatment of Palestinians in general. Here is his response:

Lior Raz answers audience questions following screening at Israel Film Festival last November.  JooTube asked him whether he feels there is a risk in showing the world the Palestinian enemy in a way which humanizes them and increases sympathy for their cause:

The news about “Fauda,” whose first season was broadcast by the Yes cable TV channel last year, comes one week after Netflix announced that it had purchased the rights to “Hamidrasha,” a series shown on Channel 2's Reshet franchise. Created by Uri Levron, Daniel Syrkin and Izhar Harlev, "Hamidrasha" is about a group of Israeli agents who are training to work for a Mossad-like espionage organization, and stars Yehuda Levi, Itay Tiran and Yehoram Gaon. It will also be available to Netflix subscribers in 130 countries, including the U.S. and Israel, under the title “Mossad 101”; it will be aired in Hebrew, with subtitles. A few weeks ago, Turner Broadcasting also purchased the rights to “Hamidrasha” for dozens of channels which broadcast in countries including South America, Poland and Russia.- Itay Stern
Text excerpts: "Netflix Buys Rights to Two New Israeli Shows"
'Fauda' will air as is, with Hebrew and Arabic dialogue, as an 'original Neflix series' with a new opening.