Watch Dr. Mordechai Kedar: 'How Israel's 70-year success must be a miracle'

On the eve of Israel's 70th Independence Day, Dr. Mordechai Kedar, who teaches Arab Studies at Israel's Bar Ilan University, addressed a gathering in Los Angeles on the theme: "Why Israel's thriving for 70-years must be through miracles."  Dr. Kedar spoke about how Israel, a nation made up of Jews, Christians, and Muslims from many countries, has established a single, national identity despite its tribal affinities and antagonism from the surrounding Muslim countries, which many of its residents have been emigrated from. 

In this interview, Dr. Mordechai Kedar explains how Islam and Muslims regard Christians and Jews - which he sees a vital to understanding the essence of the Arab-Israeli conflict. He discusses what moving the American embassy to Jerusalem represents to the Muslim world.

ד"ר מרדכי קדר: "איך, שעשינו את זה 70 שנה, ישראל חייבת להיות נס."

Exclusive film from April, 2018 at Israeli American Council ("IAC) Los Angeles, Shepher Campus: "A conversation with Dr. Mordechai Kedar" (in Hebrew) "How Israel's thriving for 70-years is nothing short of miraculous!" 

Docu on how black & Jewish entertainer, Sammy Davis Jr. navigated the turbulent '60's gets a little help from his friends

Historian Stan Taffel, comedian Tom Dreesen, festival director
 Hilary Helstein, actor Hal Linden, son of Sammy- Manny Davis
The 2018 L.A. Jewish Film Festival opened in Beverly Hills on Wednesday with the PBS' American Masters 
documentary, "I Gotta Be Me" (2017).  The film was produced by Sally Rosenthal, directed by Samuel D. Pollard, and written by Laurence Maslon. Executive producer for American Masters' was Michael Kantor.

A notable list of celebrities appear in the movie - Harry Belafonte, Tony Bennett, May Britt, Diahann Carroll, Billy Crystal, Sammy Davis Jr., Angie Dickinson, Whoopi Goldberg, Quincy Jones, Norman Lear, Jerry Lewis, Shirley MacLaine, Kim Novak, and Sidney Poitier. 

Manny Davis, Laugh-In producer George Schlatter, and comic
Tom Dreesen share their Sammy stories before theater crowd
Two of Sammy's collaborators featured in the movie also spoke to the audience after the Beverly Hills screening - George Schlatter, the executive producer of "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" (who introduced Sammy's "Here Come Da Judge" to America); and live-show co-star, comic Tom Dreesen 

Sammy Davis had comic Tom Dreesen intersperse
 comedy in between shows' singing and dancing
(comedian with 61 Late Night TV appearances, who opened Frank Sinatra's shows for decades) who discussed Sammy's Jackie-Robinson-like role in breaking-through segregated entertainment venues. 

Rounding out the panel were Sammy's youngest son Manny, and film-historian Stan Taffel who led the discussion the guests' experiences with (and knowledge about) Sammy. 

As Sammy Davis surprised Archie Bunker with a kiss while the pair posed
taking a snapshot on "All in the Family" episode Feb 1972, Stan Taffel and
and Manny Davis re-enact that moment in the lobby of Laemmle's Ahrya
Fine Arts Cinema in Beverly Hills. (original pic: CBS Landov/NY Times)
JooTube asked Manny just how Jewish was Sammy and his household? Manny said, "He really was Jewish. He always practiced his faith, he always made sure that he didn't work on Yom Kippur and things like that. Those are things I was able to celebrate with him, as well. He observed the holidays. What people don't know is that his wife was Catholic. So we had a chance to celebrate both of those. We always followed the Jewish traditions and always followed the Catholic traditions.  And I was kind of raised Baptist. But either way, we celebrated everything because everybody was always welcome in our house." Watch the whole interview here:

"I've Gotta Be Me" screens again at 5pm Sunday, 29 April at Laemmle's Town Center Cinema in Encino. Check the schedule for the L.A. Jewish Film Festival for other films' times through Wednesday, May 2nd. A number of them have panel discussions with the filmmakers and casts.

For Israel's 70th birthday, CBN's produces & televises new documentary evidencing unpublicized, Israeli humanitarian efforts around the world

CBN's "To Life: How Israeli Volunteers are Changing the World."  Christian Broadcasting Network's director, Erin Zimmerman, introduces new docupic "To Life: How Israeli Volunteers are Changing the World" segments of which run  this week on "The 700 Club" on OTA TV and on the Free-form Cable Channel. This presentation was recorded at National Association of Broadcasters' Proclaim '18 in Nashville, Tenn at the end of February.

At NRB's Israel's 70th Independence tribute luncheon, we asked Gordon Robertson, CEO, why CBN's news and documentaries have consistently been the most reliably objective - not distorted by anti-Zionist leftist propagandists, an endemic problem among mainstream international news reporters and outlets. 

After he emceed the Israeli Tourism Ministry's joint premiere with CBN- of Erin Zimmerman's produced documentary "To Life: How Israeli Volunteers are Changing the World," we caught-up with CBN News' Chris Mitchell, Israel's top English language reporter. How is CBN News the most effective English language, TV news resource internationally for Israel?

Director, Erin Zimmerman, of the Christian Broadcasting Network in Israel, offers a look inside the her documentary, "Israel: To Life!" about Israeli humanitarian volunteerism at crises around the world. Airs in segments on CBN's "The 700 Club" the week of April 16th- and is available online, on the CBN App, or  DVD for $10 from

Las Vegas Jewish community organizes memorial for the fallen heroes and martyrs of Zion

Israel Scouts lower flag to half-mast for memorial ceremony
Diverse parts of the Las Vegas Jewish and Zionist community (among them the Jewish Federation, the IAC, and Shevet Pisgat / Israeli Scouts) joined together to organize a Memorial Ceremony combining recognition of Yom ha Shoah and Yom ha Zikaron - paying respect to Zion's fallen victims, martyrs and heroes. The event took place on April 8th at the Adelson Educational Campus in Las Vegas around the time of the holidays.

Daniel Szafran recounts life from Auschwitz to
Palmach soldier
91-year old survivor of Auschwitz and Israel's War of Independence, Daniel Szafran, gave personal testimony of his family's murder by Nazis, his subsequent enslavement as a laborer, and his quest for sanctuary in Palestine, joining Israel's Palmach towards Jewish defense and sovereignty in our homeland.

The ceremony offered speeches from communal leaders, such as IAC Regional Director, Noa Peri-Jensch, who told JooTube, "This day is very important to us because the next generation, the children who take freedom for granted -
IAC Regional Dir., Noa Peri-Jensch at Adelson Campus
especially living here in America being so far away from the hardships of our brothers and sisters who live in Israel. I think it's important that we incorporate them into the process of honoring the fallen soldiers, paying respect to the bereaved families - as we are also as a community preparing for the celebration of Israel (independence) which is coming up in weeks. (Video of this, along with others, is viewable in the playlist above).

Educational and cultural event pleases Las Vegas Jewish
community benefactors, Sheldon and Dr. Miriam Adelson 

Dr. Miriam Adelson plays a special role in advancing Zionist education in Nevada, along with Jewish advocate husband, Sheldon, Chairman of the Las Vegas Sands corporation. 

Mr. Adelson told JooTube, "This is a very special event. There's hardly a family in Israel that hasn't had a death (in connection with the state's survival) a relative or friend injured or dead. And it's an honor to come to attend to pay respects. (Educating our youth) is the purpose of this school (we foster)." 

Islamic anti-Semitism in France is moving toward ethnic cleansing

Jewish victims of Mohammed Merah in Toulouse France, Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, 30, his two sons, Gabriel 3, Arye, 6, and Miriam Monsonego, age 8 (photo:
"Former Prime Minister Manuel Valls: France Is Getting Better at Responding to Antisemitism" by Ben Cohen in the Algemeiner
On March 19, 2012, an Islamist gunman named Mohammed Merah entered the schoolyard of the Ozar Hatorah Jewish school in the French city of Toulouse. In quick succession, Merah, a product of jihadi training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan, murdered Rabbi Jonathan Sandler and his two sons, 6 year-old Aryeh and 3 year-old Gabriel, and 8 year-old Miriam Monsonego. Three days later, Merah himself was killed by French police following a siege at his apartment.

Two months after that, Manuel Valls was appointed as France’s interior minister, and plunged headlong into the fallout from Merah’s killing spree – during which three French paratroopers were murdered and one more was wounded in the same nine day period as the attack on the Jewish school. Initially frustrated by the insistence, on the part of former domestic intelligence chief Bernard Squarcini, that Merah had acted alone, Valls fought back. He publicly repudiated the “lone wolf” theory in January 2013, hours before the first of Merah’s accomplices were arrested.
Former Prime Minister Manuel Valls appeared in Los Angeles in December to addressed European Leadership Network's fundraiser in Beverly Hills in December.

- Graffiti on Jewish-owned homes warn the owners to "flee immediately" if they want to live. Anonymous letters with live bullets are dropped into mailboxes of Jews.

- Laws meant to punish anti-Semitic threats are now used to punish those who denounce the threats. A new edition of a public school history textbook for the eighth grade states that in France it is forbidden to criticize Islam.
Muslims riot in Paris' Jewish suburb, Sarcelles, July 2014 (photo: AP- HaAretz)

- Those French Jews who can leave the country, leave. Most departures are hasty; many Jewish families sell their homes well below the market price. Jewish districts that once were thriving are now on the verge of extinction.

- "The problem is that anti-Semitism today in France comes less from the far right than from individuals of Muslim faith or culture". — Former Prime Minister Manuel Valls.
Without the Jews of France, France would no longer be France, said Former Prime Minister Manuel Valls in 2016 . But he did not do anything (about it).  
Recently he claimed that he had done his best, that he could not have done more. "The problem," he said, "is that anti-Semitism today in France comes less from the far right than from individuals of the Muslim faith or culture."  
He added that in France, for at least two decades, all attacks against Jews in which the perpetrator has been identified have come from Muslims, and that the most recent attacks were no exception.  
Valls, however, quickly suffered the consequences of his candor. He was elbowed to the margins of political life. Muslim websites called him an " agent of the Jewish lobby" and a "racist." Former leaders of his own party, such as former Foreign Minister Roland Dumas, said that Valls' wife is a Jew and hinted that he was "under the influence".  
In France, telling the truth about Islamic anti-Semitism is dangerous. For a politician, it is suicidal.  
French politicians, right or left, know that political correctness reigns, and that transgressing its unwritten rules leads to being excluded from the media and effectively ostracized. They know that some words cannot be used any more in France, and that "anti-racist" organizations ensure that no one can criticize Islam.
Prof. Guy Milliere - Liberal authorities cow to Muslim/leftist hostility; force Jewish citizens to flee.

Antisemitism is intensifying in France. It is essentially a Muslim anti-Semitism, and neither the government nor the major media speak of it. It is an anti-Semitism that attacks, kills, and mutilates. Jews leave cities and neighborhoods that have become too dangerous. They leave France if they can. If current trends do not reverse, France will lose its Jewish population, and by losing it, it will lose a crucial part of its soul and its culture. It is outrageous and revolting.

Last Wednesday, January 10, 2018, a 15-year-old girl was attacked on her way out of a Jewish school in a neighborhood called "Torah Center". The attack took place in the city of Sarsel, north of Paris, when a man hit her head and destroyed her face with a sharp tool. After the attack, the girl's parents filed a complaint at the local police, which opened an investigation to find the suspect. The Jewish community in the town is shocked and scared by the manifestations of anti-Semitism and violence against it, when the girl's assault illustrates the escalation which they experience.


L’antisémitisme redouble d’intensité en France. C’est un antisémitisme essentiellement musulman, et ni le gouvernement ni les grands meédias n’en parlent. C’est un antisemitisme qui agresse, tue, et mutile. Les Juifs quittent des villes et des quartiers devenus trop dangereux. Ils quittent la France s’ils le peuvent. Si les tendances actuelles ne s’inversent pas, la France perdra sa population juive, et en la perdant, elle perdra une part cruciale de son âme et de sa culture. C’est indigne et révoltant.

"Why Gentiles should respect and defend Jews & Israel against jihad" - Gentile, French academic, Guy Milliere. 

The Jews have contributed gifts to Western civilization which Christians should respect and protect them against enmity and resentment, the French law-history professor says.

Viewers' favorite video news story of 2017 - vote now

From Hanukah to Hanukah, the transition year from the Obama/Clinton administration to President Trump's has been busy with news affecting Jews. Much of our work now goes into curating relevant news on JooTube's Facebook page. We also publish some video news exclusively on the JewTube YouTube channel. Still, America's first Jewish video magazine  completed our 8th year of producing original video news reportage of Jewish identity, spirituality, culture, politics and security. Voters have whittled down from 8 quarter-finalists to the four finalists for JooTube's original video news story of 2017.  Now it's up to you to choose what you think ought to be the favorite video of the year. 

Jews stand up to Arab antagonizing on JDL side of AIPAC

(A) AIPAC Conference encourages global attendees to dialogue;  Islamo-Marxist protesters prefer guerrilla tactics. Two,  Jewish defenders provoked, arrested; D.C. Police's role?

Sandy Koufax and Shawn Green at Dodger Stadium

(B) National League Champion L.A. Dodgers' Jewish connection - the field, fans, franks (now kosher), and their front-office management.
Palestinian who sucker-punched his brother at prior rally taunts
young Iranian-Jew with megaphone, seeks police protection

(C) Sons of Jews expelled by Arab anti-Semitism spoil Palestinians' Nakba (Catastrophe of Israeli Independence) Day protest at Israeli Consulate in L.A. 

D) Tauntings and defacing
Worship at Living Torah Centre in Santa Monica gets invaded
by liberal, Jew-haters; window smeared with poop.
Neighbors rallied with shul, but congregants who fled
Jew-hatred in prior countries worried by Democrat policies
of liberal, Santa Monica synagogue draw empathy, but hints of European nightmare memories for some who fled.

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Arab-Israelis stun on US campuses: 'Let Israel be! Israel enables women, Muslims & Christians, like us, freedoms, equalities & opportunities Islamists never will"

Anti-Israel activism is a formidable foe on Univ. of Calif  campuses  (2014 Photo: Daily Bruin)

Though Los Angeles may have America's second largest population of Jews, University of California at Los Angeles ("U.C.L.A.") has an anti-Israel attitudes problem - from its leftist and Muslim constituencies - both students and faculty. Even Jewish and Israeli faculty are leftist - either from their own leanings or professional/ social pressure not to vary from leftist shibboleths.  UCLA has provided a forum for "Breaking the Silence" -
former soldiers critical of their I.D.F. actions - which has been used to bolster the popular notion that Israel is hypocritically unjust towards Muslims and other minorities - both inside the country and towards the irredentist Arabs in the disputed territories.

Reservists on Duty (RoD), a pro-Israel organization founded to combat anti-Semitism on college campuses, toured America in October with a two-week-long ‘Arabs Breaking the Silence.’  Five speakers with diverse backgrounds from the Arab community in Israel gave presentations and answered audience questions.

These speakers, comprised of Christians, Muslims, Druze, Bedouins and Palestinians—including one from the West Bank, shared their experiences living in Israel and serving in the Israel Defense Forces. They toured colleges and communities across the United States in California, Arizona, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and New York, covering 12 locations over some 4,000 miles.

RoD has been active on American campuses in coordination with Students Supporting Israel (SSI), especially during the Boycott, Divest and Sanction Movement’s (BDS) “Apartheid Week,” to correct the BDS narrative of Israel.

The upcoming tour departs from previous ones that focused on contesting BDS propaganda. RoD has faced violent threats from BDS supporters at the University of California, Irvine, when Students for Justice Palestine (SJP) disrupted an IDF reservist speaking panel, which SSI hosted, by shouting expletives, leading to the reservists and pro-Israel student exiting the room with security, and university sanctions on SJP.

“This speaking tour is very important because it highlights the real experiences of Israeli Arabs of minority populations in Israel, and provides a forum for them to express their views without censorship or derision from people who base their opinions on propaganda that comes from people who have never lived in Israel,” said Jonathan Elkhoury, RoD’s Minority Coordinator.

Mr. Elkoury continued, “I am proud to help Americans—especially those who are not knowledgeable about Israel—to hear from people who are not Israeli Jews. These Israelis have a perspective that is often ignored, and their stories, their energy and their enthusiasm paint a more honest portrait of our country.”

“We are here to tell the truth about Israel: a diverse country with patriotic citizens who are Bedoiun, Druze, Arab, Christian, Muslim, and more. We are proud IDF veterans and Israeli citizens who know firsthand how our country treats minority groups with respect and compassion,” said Mohammed Kabiya, a Muslim Israeli-Bedouin IDF veteran.

Mohammad Kabiya, a Muslim Bedouin and former IDF soldier
Ram Asad, a Druze-Israeli ex-IDF raised in Isfiya
Ms. Dema Taya, a Muslim-Israeli Arab raised in Qalansawe

Mohammed Kabiya, a Muslim Israeli-Bedouin IDF veteran says, “We want to make clear that coexistence isn’t just possible—it’s been real in Israel for decades. It is time for young Americans to hear our story.”

Having filmed and interviewed the RoD presenters at UCLA, this reporter conveyed his perceptions about the tour on the Israeli podcast, "A Hebrew in the Heartland," hosted by David Ha'Ivri. To fast-forward to segment start, please advance to 12min 19sec point.

The anti-Zionist forces organized against support for Israel (even accurate academic depiction of Palestine vs Israel) are formidable. In previous years, the US NGO, Stand With Us, has withdrawn from its original counter-demonstrations off-campus, and later on-campus, creating a vacuum for a socio-political counter. It's unclear that the Israeli-Arabs' testimonial visit is an effective way to counter the storm against campaigns against "occupation and persecution of Muslims in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza."
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White House's Hanukah gift to Israel & Am Yisrael strengthens pride, displays; 2017 mitzvah to contribute

National Menorah at The White House Ellipse
President Donald Trump dubbed December 7th evening's White House Hanukah party one that "will go down as especially special" and declared that this year's soiree was "all about Jerusalem." The holiday party came one day after the president's announcement that the U.S. embassy will be moved there from its current location in Tel Aviv. "Well, I know for a fact there are a lot of happy people in this room. (Applause.)  Jerusalem! Thank you! And Melania and I are thrilled to welcome you and so many wonderful friends to the White House. We wish you a very happy Hanukah, and I think this one will go down as especially special." (Applause.) 

Donald J. Trump Donald J. Trump
"The miracle of Hanukkah is the miracle of Israel. The descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob have endured unthinkable persecution and oppression.
But no force has ever crushed your spirit, and no evil has ever extinguished your faith. And that is why the Jewish people shine as a light to all nations. And right now I’m thinking about what’s going on and the love that's all over Israel and all about Jerusalem. (Applause.)
On behalf of all Americans, I also want to say how grateful I am for Jewish congregations throughout our country. You cherish your families, support your communities, and uplift our beloved country.
Hanukkah is a time for Jewish families around the world to celebrate the miracles of the past and promises of the future. We are proud to stand with the people of Israel and to renew our enduring bond.
This evening, we are blessed to have two very special Hanukkah lamps for this celebration. The menorah on my left has been lit every year since the earliest days of our nation. It comes from the First American Jewish Congregation, whose original members came to this land in the 1650s. That's a long time ago. It’s a symbol of the history and home the Jewish people made in the United States. Today, we are honored to have with us the congregation’s 10th spiritual leader since the American Revolution, Rabbi Soloveichik. (Applause.) That wasn’t bad. You think that's an easy one? It’s not. (Laughter.) Thank you, Rabbi, very much for being with us. Thank you, thank you for being with us. We're also -- but he’s so happy with yesterday, that he doesn't care if I get it exact. (Laughter and applause.) Thank you, Rabbi."

Unlike former Pres. Obama's Hanukah parties, Pres. Donald Trump mentioned G-d and Israel.

Rabbi Yossi Cunin feels that the ubiquity of religious Christmas 
decorations around L.A. makes Jewish families feel alienated 
Beverly Hills Gardens Park has both an illuminated Menorah on the left,
and a Christmas Tree on the right side of the sign
Adults, Mayor Lili Bosse, Mrs. Nechama and Rabbi Yossi Cunin
of Bev Hills Jewish Com'ty Chabad lit a more prominent menorah which 
Chabad erected on private land fronting Santa Monica Blvd 

In 1973, the Chabad-Lubavitch Rebbe Menachem M. Schneerson began a campaign: Help Jews across America light the menorah on Hanukah. Religious law commands Jews to light the menorah on Hanukkah, preferably in public. In addition to distributing tin candleholders, the organization orchestrated and sponsored menorah lightings in American parks, city halls, and village greens—on government-held land, in other words. By 1979, President Jimmy Carter was participating in a lighting ceremony. . . . 

Today, these giant menorahs are just a part of the American winter landscape. The White House menorah lighting is an annual tradition. No doubt, this public visibility has been one reason why Hanukkah has risen in prominence in American culture. (Source: "Hanukkah, Why?" by Emma Green in The Atlantic Dec 9, 2015)

Great Debates: The Public Menorah’s Legal Battle

In 1996, a federal appeals court ruled that (in 1986) the city of Beverly Hills violated the Constitution by allowing Chabad to erect a menorah in a public park, while prohibiting other groups from displaying their own symbols in the same park.

The suit challenging the city’s action in permitting the menorah display was filed by the local chapter of the American Jewish Congress and four Jewish residents of Beverly Hills, with the Anti-Defamation League filing a friend-of- the-court brief. The two Jewish organizations are opposed to religious displays on public property and have previously tangled with Chabad on the issue.

In 1989, the court said, Beverly Hills had denied one group the right to erect a cross in a park, and prevented another from mounting a winter solstice display.

In 2017, Beverly Hills Jewish Community Chabad supplanted Beverly Hills' city park menorah with other ones in more visible areas.  JooTube asked Mayor Lili Bosse and Rabbi Yosef Cunin's family about it.

Rabbi Yosef Cunin's brother, Rabbi Tsemach Cunin, of Chabad of Century City, led a public, family celebration at the Westfield Century City Mall, where the band and young daughters were included in the video above.

On December 17, 2017 Chabad of The (San Fernando) Valley held it's 16th annual Chanukah Concert at Universal CityWalk. Surprise guest stars, Eighth Day, peformed their hit "Miracle of Light" (introduced by Meir Kay) who jumped into the mosh-pit with students from the Jewish Educational Trade School, a technical, vocational high-school and college in Granada Hills, California.

For the final night's menorah lighting, Rabbi Yosef and Nechama Cunin welcomed her British WWI veteran grandfather, Mark Braham, 96, to light the large, electric-light menorah on private property for people passing-by a popular intersection on Sunset Boulevard. Mr. Braham is escorted by grandson-in-law Rabbi Yossi Cunin and great-grandson Tuvia, age 5.

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